My career in dance

What follows is a commentary on some of the ballets that I choreographed over the years. Prompted by photos I happened to have to hand I have chosen those ballets for which I retain particular fondness. Of course, as one gets older and grumpier one can’t help wishing one had approached some works differently, but we won’t dwell on that here!

I daresay more photographs, costume designs and press cuttings, currently stored away, will come to light when I embark on a new book about the trials and tribulations of a career in the arts. Bloody Ballet! is the working title. Masses of memories, and some hilarious stories, too, are begging to be shared.

However, as regards this little chronicle, I’ve arranged it in three sections: Europe, Southern Africa and Australasia. Please do contact me and Jane if you or someone you know played any part in the dance saga I outline here. We’d love to hear from you!